A month without Instagram

We are giving ourselves a one month challenge: can a business survive (or thrive!) without Instagram?

It’s just an experiment, we’re not deleting our account permanently, we would just like to see what happens. Maybe it’s a disaster, but maybe it will be magic. ✨

The cool part is that we are doing loads of new things with our time and energy and you can take part in our fun! We will mail you something, send ya a text or you can just keep up with a good old-fashioned email newsletter. And if none of that sounds appealing to you we’ll just send you psychic good vibes.


Want to benefit from our experiment? Fill out as much or as little as you want and we’ll keep in touch!

No, we absolutely will not share this information with anyone, we won’t sell it, we won’t give it away for free, no, no, no.

Name *
If all you want is to give us is your name, that's totally cool. We'll be sending good vibrations out to you!
Give me your digits, Bekka will send you texts, maybe just to check in, maybe to show you the delicious meal she made for dinner last night.
Mailing address
Mailing address
We won't be sending free products, but it won't be lame direct marketing postcards either. We have some creative ideas up our sleeves that you won't want to miss.
Tell us what you are into!
Choose as many as you like, we just want a sense of the kinds of things you enjoy.
Hopes, dreams, suggestions, constructive criticism?

Cover your postage!?

In the case you are feeling particularly generous we would gladly accept tips to cover postage of the good stuff coming your way via PayPal.