Yes, we are Closed on Mondays.


About Closed Mondays

We are a textile brand currently making baskets and bags out of rope and thread. We are here to give fair wages to our producers and spread the word about ethical manufacturing. Every item is made with love in our studio in Brooklyn, NY. 

Why Closed Mondays? We feel as though the traditional Monday through Friday nine to five isn't necessary in the modern world. We believe that if people have a great life outside of work, they bring more energy into their work. "Great life" means different things to different people, but we think that having extra time to take care of life stuff (whether it's family, self-care, doctors appointments, or just a whole day to binge watch TV) allows people to fully focus on work stuff while at work.

Closed Mondays was founded by Bekka Palmer. Bekka is a designer, photographer and generally crafty person who feels physical pain at the sight of fast fashion and poor working conditions. Her grandma taught her to sew by age 6 and she hasn't stopped since.

See also our Resources page to learn about how we learned to run a business.




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