Friends of Closed Mondays


One of the principles we want to operate on is radical honesty. We want to remove some of the veil of mystery about how businesses run. We know it can be intimidating to start a business and it sometimes seems like people who found companies are super-humans that can do it all. There is no way Bekka, our founder, could do it alone. In addition to our team we have quite the range of friends and champions that help us every damn day.

We would not be able to have any level of success without our friends. We are going to use this page to give you a look into our support system. Hopefully it will inspire you to look around at the people in your life to be grateful for. Or to look around to see who you already know that can help you through your valleys and peaks!

Here’s a list of friends that give us guidance and encouragement in no particular order.


Brian Chu

Brian is our most regular sound board, he’s the first to hear about new ideas and old problems. He is a film director based in Brooklyn, NY.

Meg Lewis

Meg is a creative powerhouse and is a regular mentor to Closed Mondays. She is always filled with insight and fresh perspectives (she also did our branding!). Meg started Full Time You, Ghostly Ferns and co-founded Fool Proof in Minneapolis, MN.


Asa Pingree

Asa is a neighbor, landlord and good friend. He is always providing feedback and keeping our studio building looking crisp. He helped build our trade show display, thanks Asa! Asa designs furniture and other products in Brooklyn, NY.

Megan Canning & Rachel Crawford

In addition to founding their own creative consultancy, Megan and Rachel host a quarterly event for women in creative businesses. It’s a good regular check-in to keep us accountable with our goals.


Kaye Blegvad

Kaye is a neighbor, friend, and one we can commiserate with about the tension between art and commerce. She holds the USPS accountable in ways we never could and we are grateful for her persistence in keeping packages moving through the system! Kaye is an illustrator and product designer in Brooklyn, NY.

Sarah Anderson

Sarah is a time-honored friend from our days together at Tattly. She is a regular mentor to Closed Mondays and brings practical actions to our sometimes lofty ideas. Sarah is the founder and creative director at City of Industry producing patches, pins, stationery and now has a physical store in Salt Lake, City, UT.


Steven Bukowski

Steve is a neighbor, friend, and cheerful face in the hallways of our studio. Steve’s work ethic and bold wares are always an inspiration to move from the status quo. Steve is a furniture and product designer in Brooklyn, NY.

Meghan Donovan

Meghan is a friend, mentor and brilliant marketing mind! She gives us free advice on PR, but also has a mind that sees the bigger picture and can give practical advice on promotion and message. Meghan founded MMD Communications and Wit & Whimsy in Brooklyn, NY.