Occasionally we’ll add things to this list that have really helped us as a business. We believe that sharing our success (and failures) can help other people and businesses succeed too.

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Assessing your revenue streams spreadsheet.

Near the end of each year we sit down and list out all of the ways we made money throughout the year, then we determine which streams brought us pleasure and fulfillment and calculate how profitable they were. Here’s our spreadsheet so you can try it yourself, click the link below!



While we haven’t attended the Feminist Business School we find ourselves constantly referring to Jennifer Armbrust’s writing on Feminist Business.

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Lean Thinking

MIT has a (free) public course on Lean Thinking, which in a nutshell a way to consistently update some of your business processes to be more efficient, but also to focus on quality and the contributions that all workers can make to your production and management processes.